Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Muffins for Breakfast

I’ve been sick in bed today but my husband has been taking very good care of me.  He took over the housework and the cooking.  

This morning the big guy made me freshly baked muffins and brought them to me on a tray, with nice cup of tea.  He used this recipe to make the muffins, but subbed in a pint jar of my homemade Bing cherry pie filling for the pear sauce and added 3/4 teaspoon of almond extract.  They were very good indeed. I wish I had some photos for you.

We often enjoy freshly baked muffins for breakfast.  Muffin ingredients are usually quite inexpensive and we almost always have most of them on hand in our pantry.  These quick breads are easy to make and there are few things nicer than fresh baking, hot from the oven, first thing in the morning.

Since I enjoyed his baking so much this morning, my guy suggested that I make a post gathering all the muffin recipes from my blogs together in one place.  Good idea!  It will certainly make it easier for you to find them.  I do hope you'll have an opportunity to give at least one of them a try.

(makes excellent corn muffins)